“I’m willing to grind and put in countless hours for a reward that’ll only last a moment, but be remembered for a lifetime. I’m shaping what my legacy will be.”

He’s a small town country boy from Van Vleck, Texas (you’ll need to view it on the map to know), with a southern accent who happens to have serious talent in growing businesses and being an athlete.

So.. What do you do when you love both? Your merge them together!

I’m an Business-Athlete. I’ve taken my athletic and competitive mindset into the business world, and changing the game.

I started ATX Web Designs with only $9.90, no tech background, or the slightest understanding of how to code. Therefore, I taught myself web development so that the could build, now, one of the top web design agencies in Austin and Miami – and with clients all over the nation. But this was no simple task. My business is important, but my family is my everything. With a wife and 3 kids, while trying to build a business, things got real – real fast.


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