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Diana Simon: Email Inbox

I’m a massage therapist and rent out space to treat my clients. I’ve been in business for 2 years now. While I’ve had my ups and downs, my head is now “above water.” But barely above water. My problem is consistency with clients, and also is like to raise my prices to ft more bang for my buck. I do not have a website, and do no marketing online. Most my clients are referral based and can only afford no more than 50/hr for massages. I’ve interviewed web design agencies and they all are 7K plus for a website. I maybe have 700. I know nothing about Facebook marketing. Only use my personal social media. How would you recommend I get over this hump/phase?


Dale Marciona: Twitter DM

I have an e commerce business. My sales are steady all year and dramatically increase during holiday months: October, November, December. Well over the past 3 years they’ve gradually decreased, and I hadn’t been able to figure out exactly why. Still have good traffic come to our website, and we still market as we always have. We do google ads predominantly and our customers are usually fairly loyal. Have you ever had a client with a situation like this and if so, how’d they figure out the problem and solve it?


Jordan Crosby: Twitter DM

Is there such thing as getting experience before diving into entrepreneurship and owning my own business? I’m a junior college student at SMU and would like to have my own business. I don’t know exactly what I want my company to be yet, but I know I want to have my own. Thanks



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