“My work ethic as an athlete is also my strength as an entrepreneur, and it has enabled me to grow from being a freelancer to having a thriving web design agency.” – Daniel Griggs

So, yea. I decided to write a book. We’ll, actually, I did a full interview with my content writer about my idea behind how business is nothing more than another sport, and I’m an athlete playing  the sport of business. From that interview, I said “I need to make a book out of this.” So guess what? I did it!

Part of my mindset and how I approach business to be Be the Best Entrepreneur in Class is also featured in Inc that gives a lot of insight on my journey to play in the NFL athlete, was exactly how my journey began as an entrepreneur.

You see – I don’t believe that you have to transition from the field, court, track, or ring to the “corporate world.” You’re simply going from one sport to the other. You still have to evaluate yourself, train, checkout your competition, put in the work, and compete. Your mindset should stay exactly the same.

I approach business EXACTLY like I approach sports: I love and come to compete everyday, I’m training to be the best, and I’m coming to WIN.

“Business is the Sport. The Entrepreneur is the Athlete.”

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