Entrepreneur + Athlete = Same Grind

I remember when I first went to college. I was 5’9 and about 155 pounds. I was about to quit football because I was so small. Although I had a hell of a lot of athletic ability and fast is a jack rabbit, I was getting tossed around the field.


During one practice, that I’ll never forget, one of the receivers, Dusty Thornhill, was on the line and I was covering him during 1on1’s. He runs a slant. I break on it perfectly, great read. As I jump to compete for the ball he cuts me off, catches the ball with both hands, palms it with one hand, and stiff arms me to the ground with the other hand. I feel to the ground like I had landed in spit (haha). The whole dad gum team was laughing.


After that practice I wanted to quit. So I prayed and I asked God that if it’s meant for me to keep playing, let me know.


At that moment I made my mind up that I was going to hit weights like never before. I was in the weight room at midnight lifting, not even having a workout plan or a YouTube channel to guide me. Just lifting.


I remember the head coach at the time (RIP Coach Money Joe Crousen), said to the team in his rough voice “guys if you’re in here lifting late at night then I know you’re not getting up and going to your classes.” Now I did get up and go to my classes, but I also took a mental note that he was noticing my grind.


Long story short, the drive never stopped and I developed more muscle than the law allowed.


The same thing applies to entrepreneurship and the business world. When I first began my business I didn’t know a damn thing about web design, social media, or digital marketing, but I loved and understood business and marketing.


I would stay up all night going over notes that I had written down from my mentor and I meetings. I would search online studying things that I needed to know to accomplish the goals that I wanted to accomplish in my business.


I was never a reader, but I knew that my knowledge had to grow for my business to grow, therefore, I would read as much as I needed. I would listen to audiobooks and YouTube videos because I had this addiction to learning and gaining knowledge. The affect, my business grew.


Rather it be in business or sports, the grind is the same. We all have our weaknesses and we all have our strengths. Whichever you decide to focus on, go ALL IN until you get to where you want to be.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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