God is Driving with Darryl Stevens – EP5

I reached out to Darryl Stevens back in 2015 when I was only a freelancer web designer, and trying build an actual agency.


We were complete strangers to one another, and with open arms he mentored me.


But little did I know, Darryl had a much deeper purpose as to why he’s helped me. As successful as he is, his passion isn’t driven by money, but inspiring and helping others.


Rough childhood experiences and hard core drugs since the age of 14, are a few things which helped shape him into being the God-fearing, amazing person, and dominant entrepreneur that he is today.


Darryl is a naturally gifted creative visionary and businessman. He has the ability to see beyond the lines and bring chaos to order through innovation and creativity. He’s founder & CEO of digiTech Web Design in Austin, and is completely self taught and has mastered the fields of web design, web development, and internet marketing with a keyboard and a mouse. He has a passion for entrepreneurship.



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