Happy Hour: Employee vs The Entrepreneur

Many people understand when you work for someone else? But have a different perspective toward Entrepreneurs.


John Doe: “Can’t make it to happy hour, have a deadline to hit. My supervisor is up my ass.”


Friend: “Completely understand dude. Gotta hit that quota! You just got a new promotion, right?!”


Same scenario, different position.


Cody Doe: “Can’t make it to happy hour. Got some major goals I’m trying to hit this quarter. I’ll catch up with y’all next time.”


Friend: “Again? You really shouldn’t revolve your life around work. Step away sometimes and enjoy life.”


Now, is this every situation? Not at all. But this is along the lines of the Employee vs Entrepreneur reactions.


When you’re stressed because your boss is up your ass vs when you’re stress because you’re determined to hit your goals.


Regardless if you’re the John Doe or Cody Doe, you need to make those decisions based on your happiness and your goals.


The only difference is, one has more of a choice than the other.


#FHH (F**k Happy Hour)

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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