Daniel is an athlete that has taken his competitive mindset into the entrepreneurial world, and changed the game. He’s a small town country boy from Van Vleck, Texas (you’ll need to view it on the map to know), with a southern accent who happens to have serious talent in growing businesses and being an athlete.

Daniel started ATX Web Designs with no tech background, or the slightest understanding of how to code. But he knew how to grow businesses so he taught himself through “YouTube University” and grew the crap out of his company FAST. And check this out, he did it with only $9.90.

“I’m willing to grind and put in countless hours for a reward that’ll only last a moment, but be remembered for a lifetime. I’m shaping what my legacy will be.”

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Know Yourself. Stay True To You.

Yesterday my good friend Jane Asher Reaney emailed me an article with Barbara Corcoran on the 5 Traits All Successful Entrepreneurs.   This article is SPOT ON for me! One of the main things she mentioned, that stood out to me, is that successful entrepreneurs 'They Know Themselves.'   It...

This Is How ANYONE Can Make 6 or 7 Figures (Millions)

WORK!!   Quit reading articles searching for a step-by-step process of how to make 6, 7 or more figures. How about reading materials on personal development and growth, because you have to change the way you think to make even 100 bucks more than you make now.   Go...

Why Entrepreneurs Are Sleeping With Clients

Entrepreneurs are having 3-somes every night   Every single night I get in bed with my wife there's always a 3rd wheel laying down with us: Work.   Now that I've got your attention.   Not that it's done on purpose, but every night I lay down I'm thinking about business,...

Happy Hour: Employee vs The Entrepreneur

Many people understand when you work for someone else? But have a different perspective toward Entrepreneurs.   John Doe: "Can't make it to happy hour, have a deadline to hit. My supervisor is up my ass."   Friend: "Completely understand dude. Gotta hit that quota! You just got a...