How I Get 6 Hours of Work Done is 2 Hours

At the typical 9-5 job, most people only get about 4-6 hours of work done in their 8 hour workday.


When I first began meeting with my mentor, I wasn’t taking any notes. I’ve rarely ever taken notes and I was horrible at it. Well all of that was reversed like the next day.


I would have a task list that was massive, which I still do. He told me one of the best ways to manage your day is to write out a to-do-list, but then prioritize the tasks.


Once that’s done take 2 hours and focus only on those tasks. No distractions. No social media. No texting or answering calls (unless it’s a client or lead). 100% focus on dominating that list.


Well I tried it and still use that same method. What I found out (what he also told me) is that I would get almost a full typical work day of things done in 2 hours.


Most of the time we don’t really focus when getting tasks done and work complete. We’ll check our phone, be snacking on something at the same time, etc.


All of these little distractions, equal lots of time lost.


Also, here’s one juicy thing I began doing. I came across this Epic Music For Creatives on YouTube and began listening to it as I’d knockout my list. This here. This right here! Got me doing work with a crazy focus.


I already have tough times focusing as it is, and this epic music does wonders for me. Plus it’s 2 hours exactly. I’m telling you. JUST. TRY IT.


If you’re knocking out some work, create your to-do-list, prioritize it, and put your headphones on and try this out. This my favorite one that I listen to almost everyday, Mon-Fri.


Let me know how it worked for you!


Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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