Keep Thinking Big with Chris Haywood – EP4

This episode I had my good long time friend Chris Haywood. I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and seen this video you did of how he took out time to plan a presentation for parents and students on how to be successful… He had ONE person show up. But that didn’t stop his from presenting and keeping the bigger picture in mind. He documented after his presentation of a how his expectations weren’t met. Check out the video and then dive deeper with us on the podcast!

vlog episodes follow me and my whereabouts, episodes cover influencers and entrepreneurs. Regardless this should be succinct and interesting. I MAY need to stop cursing so much but…Idk

Posted by Chris Haywood on Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Chris Haywood is the creator of The Come Up Media which helps businesses connect with their customers through video storytelling.


In the past, Chris has tried his hand at several entrepreneurial projects including running his own bootcamp, a healthy catering company, and public speaking to youth.


The constant between his numerous career stops is the ability to connect with his audience.


Through The Come Up Media, Chris hopes to help other aspiring entrepreneurs clarify their message so they can improve engagement and profit.


Chris Haywood has made stops as a personal trainer, business coach, high school counselor and healthy chef caterer. Along these stops, he realized that his desire was more than anything, to work with and inspire creatives to put their work out.


He created The Come Up TV because he wanted to tell stories. Not just of people who already “made it”, but of people actively going through the journey. He thought by highlighting his journey and others, it may encourage others to do the same.



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