My Hustles Time. My Grinds Schedule.

One of the most cliché sayings I hear from both active and aspiring entrepreneurs is “I’m on my own time and set my own schedule.”


If you’re an entrepreneur, or have the ambition to be one, and you have this mentality, you’re increasing your chances of being part of the majority percent. The majority of entrepreneurs and business owners that fail.


I often say that I’m not on my own time or my own schedule. I’m on my ‘Hustles Time’ and my ‘Grinds Schedule.’


Let’s be clear, I don’t always schedule meetings so that it’s convenient for me. Neither do I reply back to emails or answer phone calls when I feel like it. If you’re an entrepreneur you understand that as you’re building your empire, not everything will be convenient.


Here’s a prime example. My Sunday nights and Monday’s can get crazy. Once past Sunday night, after my wife and kids had gone to bed, I got into full work mode. I started out by writing my to-do-list, which typically contains about 50 items, and then I dive into them all head first.


From 10PM to 4AM I was locked in and taking care of business. By 4:08AM I had brush my teeth and laid down to sleep. By 6:30AM my wife was already out the door to beat traffic to work, and I was wide awake holding my 10 month daughter, while getting her a bottle to eat and getting her bottles ready for daycare, putting together my 4 and 2 year old boys breakfast and lunch, changing diapers full of pee from the night, getting them all dressed, getting their teeth brushed, loading up the car with their backpacks, lunches, water cups, bottles, and diaper bag. Then right as I’m picking up my 10 month to go load her in the car, I get a strong smell which makes me turn my head and take a long exhale.


So I change her diaper… again. As I yell at my two boys to “stop wrestling one another and let’s go!” I notice the 2 year old diaper is sagging under his shorts. As he walks by I get another strong smell which makes me exhale all of my air out with a slight cough to go along with it. So I change his diaper… again.


By 7:53AM I finally have them loaded in the car, taken to daycare and dropped off. By 8:23AM, I get to CoreSpeed Gym. I sit down and whip out my laptop, spending the next hour in a half sending and replying to multiple emails. By 10:08AM I start working out. I’m done by 11:30AM and check my business phone. 2 missed calls and voicemail’s later, I’m back in work mode.


One of the phone calls were someone trying to sell me something that I didn’t need, and the other voicemail was from a nursing home that got my contact information and wanted to speak with me about a new website and digital marketing for their company.


So I give them a call back. We have a quick chat, then I proceed to schedule an in person meeting with them to chat in more detail. As we began to look at our schedules and figure out a good time to meet, he says “I’m actually good to meet today, if you can make that work.”


I’ll pause here for a moment.


My initial plans were to go home, get a bite to eat, chat with my design and development team, knock out a couple more items on my to-do-list, take a good nap since I was running on only 2 hours of sleep, wake up, reply back to more emails, make a few phone calls, and review a few projects. My time and my schedule, right? But here I have a potential client that’s clearly ready to move forward and get things going asap, considering he wants to meet the same day. So we schedule meet in 3 hours.


I get inside, grab something to eat, my team and I do research on the company and create notes. I still get a chance to reply to and send out a few emails, as well as make a few phone calls, then head to the meeting. Long story short, the meeting went great and they were interested in moving forward. Even more so, they loved the fact that I was able to make time for them in such short notice.


As you see, I’m on my ‘Hustles Time’ and my ‘Grinds Schedule.’ Entrepreneurship isn’t about sitting around and “doing what you want.” It’s an understanding that I have 100% control of how successful I want to be. Now, to be clear, I do make adjustments to my schedule for my family: Lunch with my wife, kids doctor or dentist appointments, special events, etc. Other than that, the only time or schedule I’m on is ‘My Hustles Time’ and ‘My Grinds Time.’


…and that’s 24/7–365.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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