PEPSI COMMERCIAL Will Be One of the Most Popular Ads of 2017

So I’ve seen on my twitter feed and Facebook timeline that people have been going in on the recent Pepsi commercial and ripping to shreds.


I mean gawlee! Most everybody and their momma, aunt, and 5th cousin has something to say about it. Even some celebs are chiming in.


Here’s the deal, though. It’s really not a bad commercial. People just hated the choice of person. Which is Kendall Jenner.


The strong hate that society has toward the Kardashians (even though millions still watch their show) is a huge part of the reason.


I’ve snapshot a few comments from Clevver News YouTube with people saying how they really feel.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Controversy


Most of the comments come down to this: people feel that she wasn’t “qualified” to be the main source in that commercial, and that she’s more so the ideal “white privilege” candidate.


Some even were saying that it didn’t really depict an actual protest, and it wouldn’t have been so peaceful in reality.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Controversy


I can completely understand where they’re coming from. But I’m not in board.


Matter fact, I’m about to take this brief moment to defend the lil Jenner girl.


First off, the purpose of the commercial is to promote peace. That’s why they don’t have people chunking bottles, but instead drinking bottles of Pepsi.


Secondly, I really like the fact that there are so many cultures and diversity on the commercial. Highlights some of the main groups of people that are trying to lift awareness about whatever they’re discriminated for.


But because y’all have some sort of hate toward the Kardashian family, you’re turned off by Kendall Jenner being featured in the commercial. Does she know what most people face and why they protest? I’m pretty sure she ain’t got a dad-gum clue. But she was well aware of what backlash could come to her from doing this commercial.


Maybe it’s because of my marketer mindset, but I seen it as her stepping out of her comfort zone to connect with those that she has no clue about what problems they may face. So she decides to join them. Which was part of the message at the end saying “LIVE BOLDER. LIVE LOUDER”


Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Controversy

I could be way off about this, but that’s the message I got.


So why will this be The Pepsi Commercial Be One of the Most Popular Ads in 2017? Because it’s controversial. More people will give attention to negative than positive.


I did my own focus group on my personal Facebook page during the Presidential election process. I’d post something positive and it got many likes, few comments. Post something controversial, comments galore.


I know we’re only in April, but there’s not many other commercials that have this negative light.


So what does it do to Pepsi? I’ll just say this, I hadn’t drank a Pepsi in a long time. Don’t see them at many restaurants and haven’t even seen them at a family reunion in a while. And you know black folk keep all types of soda at family reunions.


Hell, Dr. Thunder or Mr. Pibb or RC Cola still got more juice than Pepsi.


But don’t get me wrong, I can see the negative light actually increasing their sales.


Matter fact, next time I go to a restaurant I’ll ask for one and tweet it out to Pepsi and Kendall. Or maybe at a function where I have to bring something, I’ll be sure to grab a pack of Pepsi. That is if I can find a pack.


What’s your thoughts about the Pepsi Commercial?? I want to know others opinion!


Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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