“Lived Out of My Car. Contemplated Suicide 9 Times.” – Struggle Nation

It’s more than an honor to introduce you all to one of my really good friends, former teammate, man of God, father, survivor, public speaker, trainer, current professional track athlete, and like a brother. Antonio Robinson.


Tonio is a former NFL football player, who also won a Superbowl with the Green bay Packers in 2011.


Tonio and I were roommates when we both were playing football in New Orleans. We’ve had many conversations about how we grew up, our upbringing, our struggles, spiritual beliefs, goals, relationships, and everything else.


I was blown away by Tonio’s story about his life. The struggles he faced and the fact that he didn’t take the path that would have been typical for a someone in his situation; which would be doing something illegal, in prison, or dead.


No need for me to continue chatting about his story. Take a few minutes out of your day and view the video which documents and sums up his life growing up and how he’s now victorious despite the odds being against him.


Tonio, got nothing but love for you my brother. As I’ve told you many times before, your story will inspire the world.


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Antonio Robinson

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