This Information Age Has Taken People Away From Getting Shit Done

So many aspiring entrepreneurs are so caught up in watching countless amounts of YouTube videos, reading 3-5 books a month, attending as many seminars and workshops as possible, that they forget the main objective of running a business… And that’s getting shit done.


Don’t get me wrong, I watch YouTube videos and I read my fair share of books, but I spend way more time and energy working on what I’ve read or watched, than actually reading or watching.


You know when I’m mainly listening to YouTube videos? When I’m driving. And that’s only if I’m not making follow up calls or checking emails (yea I know I need to “X The Text” here is Austin). Or it’s when I’m washing the dishes, and that’s not much because my wife stays on my ass for letting them pile up.


When I’m reading I could read for 2 hours straight, and I might not pick that book up or finish it until another month or two because my mind has started coming up with so many ideas that I’m ready to get started on. I’m not going to hold back and not pursue a great idea or marketing strategy just so I can finish reading the pages in a book.


I’m fully aware of billionaire Warren Buffett, and others, who are known for how much they read. I’ve read that Buffett spends about 80% of his day reading. Some where around 600-1000 pages a day.


Well, yea. He’a a billionaire. Wasn’t spending 80% of his day reading when he started building his business, else he would’t be this successful. Reading and retaining information, but then immediately putting it to use.


My point is this; the knowledge you have means nothing if you don’t put it to use. I’m a faithful follower of Christ and I read my Bible. But what does that mean if I’m not trying to apply it to my life?


Same goes for running a business and entrepreneurship. You’re a sponge that’s soaked with knowledge, now squeeze it out of you!


Now, don’t get it twisted. If you’re not reading or retain more and new knowledge at all, you’re going to fail. You’ve go to keep the brain working. Just make sure you’re putting in just as much or even more work.


If you’re an avid reader or YouTube watcher or audio book listener or whatever, here’s my challenge to you. Stop reading and listening for an entire month and focus strictly on applying everything that you’ve read. Go back in a month and soak your sponge back up. Then next month squeeze it all out again.


Get. Shit. Done. Period

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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