Walgreens Forced Me Into Entrepreneurship

I tell people sometimes that I was forced into Entrepreneurship. I credit a portion of that to Walgreens. I passionately hated this job… so dad-gum bad.


The only couple things I liked were the employees I worked with. Plus honeybuns were on deck at all times. Had honeybuns until 2010. Literally had withdrawals and woke up in cold sweats from going cold turkey off of them. But that’s a different blog.


So back to Walgreens. I hated going into work at. I typically worked from 4pm until midnight. As an assistant store manager, at the time, we had to do EVERYTHING. Returns, exchange, pharmacy, and all types of stuff.


I was running around like chicken with it’s head cut off



I would go into work late and annoyed. Be that way most my shift, then be quick and excited to leave.


Now, it didn’t start off this way because working there was a part of my goal. I had just moved to Austin, Texas, was living with my brother and his family, and wanted my own spot.


Walgreens paid me about $17/hr, which was great money for me being fresh out of college. To me I was banking! I worked holidays, would do overtime, etc. Had a goal to reach.


But once I hit my goal, I had no other reason to be there.


I worked at Walgreens to accomplish my goals outside of that job. Get an apartment, pay a car note, clubbing, parties, etc. My goals weren’t connected to career growth where I was working.


Don’t get me wrong, I have noting agains Walgreens (I shop there weekly). But as an employee it wasn’t for me. It’s not what I wanted to be doing in my career.


If you don’t show up to work on time, either don’t want to be there or you’re taking it for granted.


Because they could fire your ass.


If you’re always ready to get off work and paying attention to the clock from the moment you get there, then you’re working at that job for something other than career growth.


It could be to pay bills, or you have a family, mortgage, car note, student loans (them dad-gum student loans!) or something else.


Let me be the one to tell you, this is extremely unhealthy.


I would have the worse attitude because I spent 8-10 hours of my day doing something I hated. Not just disliked. But passionately hated.


This is why I’m so driven as an entrepreneur.


I work 80-90 hours a week and it never seems like it because majority of the time I’m doing what I enjoy doing.


Even when I’m tired and running off of 3 hours of sleep, I’m enjoying it.


So working at Walgreens, and really any other job I’ve ever had, put me in the mindset that when I’m not doing something I really enjoy I have an attitude and highly I’m annoyed (honeybuns calmed down).


I’m not advising anyone to leave a job you’re not happy with because everyone’s situation is different.


But I have to say, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be in a position to where what you spend the majority of your day doing, you hate.


Ok, maybe I lied and contradicted myself a bit there. Don’t keep giving your time to a career you’re not happy with.


Not a job you just dislike, or wish you could be doing something else. But I mean passionately hate.


Don’t be afraid to take yourself away from it. I left Walgreens to go get paid 200 bucks a week. That pay decrease was for a moment. But I was happy.


P.S. Walgreens, I love you. Just can’t work for you. I still enjoy a good honeybun (or 2) every now and then.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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