What Matters To You More: Your Career or Happy Hour?

How many happy hours, pool parties, etc have you been to? Probably a hell of a lot.

Last week I was scrolling down my LinkedIn timeline and seen a post from a guy who said he had a great opportunity to work with a huge company. Would be awesome experience for him. But he was considering not taking the job because it wasn’t in a big city, which he’s used to. Didn’t want to give up his “social life.”

He asked for others opinion. Every time someone commented and advice him to take on the great opportunity, he’d continue to bring back up that it wasn’t a big city.


I mean almost every single time that was the reply.


I have no idea who this person is, but based on his replies and post, it seems a career isn’t that important to him.


A reputable company is offering you a good position, which you agree would be perfect experience, and your contemplating because it’ll affect you social life?


If that’s more important to you, then that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re serious about your career in life, then it’s a lack of priority.


I can understand not wanting to be in a “boring” location, or less to do based on what you’re used to, but that’s part of the sacrifice. It’s part of the grind.


Be willing to take a pay cut for an opportunity to accelerate your career to where you’d be.


Be willing to downgrade your living, and maintain and drive that same car that’s paid off.


Be willing to not go to happy hour so you can focus on building your business, or learning more about your position or the position you want.


Be willing to not go out to eat every week with friends, or cut down on shopping to save time and money to invest into something that gets you closer to your goals.


Personally, I feel at some point in everyone’s life, we will all have to sacrifice some part of or social fun to focus more on something else: kids, career, relationship, you name it. You have to decide when that’ll be.


It’s like a person needing to lose weight. Sacrifice that dad-gum ding ding or Round Rock Donuts to get to the goal you’re aiming for. (if you hadn’t had round rock donuts at least once you’re missing out in life).


There will always be a happy hour. A new vehicle will still be there waiting. They’ll go out for sushi again.


Understand that, at times, you have to sacrifice your pleasures for your passion.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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