Why Entrepreneurs Are Sleeping With Clients

Entrepreneurs are having 3-somes every night


Every single night I get in bed with my wife there’s always a 3rd wheel laying down with us: Work.


Now that I’ve got your attention.


Not that it’s done on purpose, but every night I lay down I’m thinking about business, ideas, tasks for tomorrow, the next major move we’ll make, etc.


The worst time is on Sunday nights. Monday’s and Tuesday’s are when I have the most on my plate. I’ll have a to-do-list of about 60 things. And more continue to pop in my head as I’m laying down.


I’ve tried winding down, taking 10 minutes and clearing my head… didn’t work so well for me.


But I’m pretty sure I know the problem: my cell phone. I reach for it as soon as an idea pops in my head and jot it down in my notes.


Or add something to my to-do-list.


Or quickly write a blog out that’s on my mind (like I’m doing now).


Or shoot over a message to our developers, because they’re night owls and like to work late.


While I’m definite that I know the problem, I don’t know how willing I am to apply the solution.


I mean some of my best thoughts and ideas come to me late at night. If I don’t jot them down I’m afraid I may lose them.


I’ll ease my way into the solution, but don’t have the strength to go cold turkey.


If you’re suffering from the “Work three-some syndrome” (yea, I made that up) of bringing your work to bed, let me know what your solution was – that is, if you’ve found and applied one.


FYI: Prior to releasing and posting this blog I had my wife see the title and read it, before hand. Just needed to grab y’all attention, but wasn’t going to get my ass handed to me and have to explain later. Shout out to being proactive.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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