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Going All In


I went 100% into my digital marketing agency in 2015. I understood how to design websites, from a marketing standpoint, to make it appealing to users and a business’s target audience. But I never operated in the uniform way of industry I’m in. I run it like a business.


What I mean is that when I was able to, I hired a great developer, content strategist, etc. I got others that were great at what they did, to do what I was weak at. My strength is marketing and growing a business. I’m really good at design, but I’m mediocre at development and other fields. But I’m a forward thinker and absolutely love creating and implementing strategies for growth.


There are systems in place for almost every structure of my company. How we reply back to emails, how we present proposals, how we cater to our clients, and many other details.


I focus largely on business development and implementing specific strategies that will allow my company to grow in the areas I’ve chosen.


One thing that I’ve noticed about many business owners is that they don’t, or they don’t have someone, to stay focused on business development. Much of the focus is largely centered toward the skills or services or products that they’re providing.


While that’s not a bad thing, bettering customer experience, if you don’t have a dedicated strategy for growth of the actual business, it’s almost as if you’re in a hamster wheel. You’re putting in really hard work but you’re staying in the same place. Doesn’t mean you won’t have success, but it could stunt the growth of your business.


Although we put systems in place and keep focus on our clients’ experience, there’s a large dedication to the business development part as well. All of these other things are a part of that development, but it’s just one of many.


You can see great examples of this by watching shows such as The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. So many small businesses put all of their focus on one thing and are always working IN their business, and forget to work ON their business.


One of the best books I’ve read to help me get away from the “hamster wheel” is E-Myth Revisited to Michael Gerber. It told me what I was doing wrong, helped me understand what I’m best at, and what to focus on.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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