Your College Degree Won’t Create Your Legacy

You know what I’d loved to see more of on LinkedIn? People actually speaking on the risks and leaps they have, or are taking in their career. As oppose to so many gloating about graduating from college.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the man or woman who’s the first to graduate from college in their family. Or those that have a personal accolade with themselves for graduating. ET The Hip-Hop Preacher is an example.


But I’m not giving a hand clap for your academic certificate.


Why? Because most people lose their fire and drive not too long after they’ve gotten that piece of paper.


So many times I see people saying how difficult their journey was going through college for “X” amount of years to get their Bachelors, Masters, Ph.d, etc. “I did it!” Is typically how they’ll express themselves.


What’s even more disturbing is how most people can recall staying, up with little to no sleep, studying for “mid-terms” or finals, but find it absurd to go 3 days with 9 hours of sleep to work on building your career and creating the lifestyle you want.


Disclaimer: I do not encourage not getting good rest, but sometimes it’s just part of the hustle.


So many after college lose their spark for success because they stop setting goals for themselves. That’s all college was: semester to semester – goal to goal – to get the hell out.


Now you’re just working some job that pays your bills, has 401K, and good benefits. You’re wanting to move up in the company but it may be based on performance, seniority, or just a system that that specific corporation has in place. You have minimal control.


The thing is you don’t have that same knack for greatness as you did in college. You want 8 hours of sleep so you can “make it through the day.” But you’d get 4 hours in college, work a part or full-time job, and have classes most of the week. Lose the excuse.


Nothing’s much different. A grind is a grind. But the main difference comes down to one thing.


Your college degree won’t create your legacy.


Barely anyone knows the guy or gal that has the highest degrees you can attain, with multiple certifications. But tons of people know of that guy or gal that started his business from his garage. Thank you Steve Jobs.


That’s the main reason that my college degree, and others, mean nothing at all to me. It was a small stepping stone. Realistically, for me, college taught me how to do a lot of what I didn’t want so I could reach the goal of what I really wanted. Graduate and get the hell out of school.


So to all of my future graduates this spring, summer, and fall – celebrate your piece of paper and accolade for a night when you walk the stage.


Then immediately begin focusing on creating your legacy.

Daniel Griggs

Entrepreneur Athlete

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