I like big ideas .

I like making them happen.

And I don’t waste time.

My background

(big ideas)

I’m a small town country boy from Van Vleck, Texas. I started playing sports at 10-years-old and it was my dream to play for the NFL. I never received an award or recognition of my talent, but I made a commitment to do whatever I needed to do to accomplish my goal. I hustled and trained and then I cold-called or emailed every NFL team. My hard work paid off when I was offered opportunities by two teams—the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars brought me in to try out, but when the day came, I got in my head, went off script and blew it. This was the biggest regret of my life and something I live with every day. But the experience motivated me to get back out there and try something new. I left the world of professional sports and tried a few different things: I was an athletic trainer, a P.E. teacher, and even started an athletic apparel company.

Jacksonville Jaguars

One realization I had in each of these roles was that a modern, professional website can give any business a competitive edge. I decided to start designing and building websites to help other entrepreneurs and business owners—and ATX Web Designs was born. I launched the company in 2015 with a $9.90 investment in a drag-and-drop web design program and have since built it out to a full-service agency with hubs in Austin and Miami.

My career

(big ideas)

As someone who loves being active, competing and playing sports, I consider myself a “Business-Athlete,” and use the competitive strategies I learned in sports to dominate the game of business. When I transitioned from sports off the field, to the sport of business, it felt like I was just going from one sport to another.

I began ATX Web Designs as a one man team in 2015 with $9.90, using a drag-and-drop online website builder, and have since built out a full-service agency with headquarters in Austin, and second location in Miami. Over the past five years, I built ATX The Brand and six other web-based companies, and have grown them all using the skills I developed in life and as an athlete: drive, leadership, collaboration and mental toughness.

I’m a featured contributor on Forbes.com and Inc.com and work with student athletes who are interested in the world of entrepreneurship.

ATX Web Designs has been voted a top web design agency in Austin and Miami, and several of my other companies have been featured in major publications and on television.

My Goals

(vision and purpose)

In general my goal is to give. There’s many others that look like me, play or played sports as me, or can relate to me in some other – and I’m aware that my success can be fuel to releasing their potential to be successful. When much is given much is required, and I fully shoulder that responsibility.

For the past five years, my focus has been creating digital solutions for common problems. I work largely in the startup, corporate, state/government and education industries and have developed tech products that improve systems and encourage growth.

Over the next five years, my goal is to expand my social and community impact with a focus on vulnerable and underserved populations—including children, HBCU’s, and student athletes.

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