Yesterday my good friend Jane Asher Reaney emailed me an article with Barbara Corcoran on the 5 Traits All Successful Entrepreneurs.


This article is SPOT ON for me! One of the main things she mentioned, that stood out to me, is that successful entrepreneurs ‘They Know Themselves.’


It reminded me of a short Vlog I recorded, about a month ago, from an article I read on how Usain Bolt rules out 400m as ‘training is too hard’. He knew he wouldn’t make that commitment. He said the only way he would is “If it takes that for me to become a legend in the sport I guess I will but otherwise I wouldn’t want to do it.”


Some of my biggest failures came from me not knowing myself. My biggest accomplishments came from knowing myself, and staying true to it.


Check out the vlog and let me know your thoughts on Knowing Yourself!